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Philips BriteLITE 6

Sleep Better. Wake Refreshed. Have More Energy. Improve Your Mood. 10,000 Lux Light Therapy. Your Body Clock Affects Your Sleep, Mood, and Energy. Your “body clock” is the center in your brain that uses light to regulate your sleep, mood, and energy cycles. If you struggle with these cycles, your body clock may not be responding properly to normal light signals. You Can Manage Your Body Clock. When your body clock doesn’t get the right type of light, it can make you feel tired and moody. The right light at the right time will reset your sleep, mood, and energy cycles, so you can sleep better and feel great during waking hours. The briteLITE safely and quickly provides the light your body needs. Easier Than It Sounds. The briteLITE is easy to use, and most people notice a difference in just a few days. Try our Body Clock System today, and see what you’ve been missing. Your mood and energy levels will improve, and you’ll enjoy sleeping again.

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