Taking Therapy off the Couch and onto the Trail®

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Therapy on the Fly®

Our van will meet you at the trailhead for our Signature Walk and Talk service or we can come to you for a session in our mobile office!
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It’s going to be another beautiful day!

Give me more Serotonin!  Serotonin helps maintain our mood. Winnie the Pooh is a perfect example of a person (or bear) with just the right amount of Serotonin floating around in…

Hate the Idea of Going to Therapy? Do it While You Run

Another therapist grasps the Trailtalk concept with outdoor therapy and is featured in Runner’s World.  

Featured on PCTV

Guest Host Kim Crittenden is joined by Owner and Therapist, Allison Page. Allison is owner of Trail Talk, a unique mental health service that takes the patient off the couch…

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